Autumn School on

Zoll Metrics on the 2-Sphere and

Holomorphic Discs

Gießen (Germany), 14 – 18 November 2018

This event is a mini-school and workshop on the topics of Zoll metrics on the 2-sphere, twistor theory and holomorphic discs. It will consist of:

  • A course by Claude LeBrun, accessible to graduate students.
  • Introductory seminars, providing background to the topics.
  • Research seminars by invited speakers and by participants.


Christian Lange (Cologne)

Claude LeBrun (Stony Brook)

Roberta Maccheroni (Parma)

Lionel Mason (Oxford)

Thomas Mettler (Frankfurt)

Hans-Bert Rademacher (Leipzig)

Stefan Suhr (Bochum)

Kevin Wiegand (Gießen)


Tommaso Pacini (University of Torino)

Kai Zehmisch (University of Gießen)